Set up

Download and set up


Vegas is a jQuery plugin which adds beautiful animated background slideshows to your page body or any of its elements. It works on IE9+, Safari, Firefox and Chrome.


Quickly get up and running with Vegas.

jQuery / Zepto

First, download or include jQuery .

<script src=""></script>

A lighter alternative to jQuery is Zepto .

<script src=""></script>


Then, download Vegas and include the CSS file.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/js/vegas/vegas.min.css">

And JS file.

<script src="/js/vegas/vegas.min.js"></script>


If you prefer the Bower way.

bower install vegas   

Include the files in:


If you prefer the NPM way.

npm install vegas                                        

Include the files in:

Get started

Apply Vegas to body or any element.

$("#example, body").vegas({
    slides: [
        { src: "/img/slide1.jpg" },
        { src: "/img/slide2.jpg" },
        { src: "/img/slide3.jpg" },
        { src: "/img/slide4.jpg" }
Test the code

Click the button to test the example.

Run code

Read the Settings page for more information.

Zip file

Download the last version (2.1.x).


Source code

Fork the project and contribute.


Need support?

Don't waste your precious time, support is available for 24$. Ask your question and quickly receive a ZIP file with a clear running example with commented code and assets solving your problem.